Investment partnership:

Lux Global Venture, Inc. has many mining investment opportunities in the following countries: Steam coal mines in Indonesia, Met Coal (Coking coal mine) in USA, Coking Coal mine in Australia, and Iron Ore mines in Mexico.

Mining investment is a main part of our business and we always looking for investment partners for JV partnership or for funding projects. We qualify each project with complete market analysis, logistic, local government law, and very detailed feasible business strategic plan and clear objectives that will ensure the production stability and volume increase, market supply ability strengthening and profit growth.  LUX Global Venture will form a strong management team with technical and financial management experts for each project we invested in.

Types of partnership:

1.   Funding to Lux Global Venture with fixed interest rate or share of the profit for each investment project.

2.   Becoming our investor and partner with Lux Global Venture as a Joint Venture. Be the co-owner of each of the investment projects or companies.

Mining Investment Project:

Met Coal/Coking Coal mine in USA:

*  Total reserves: 20,000,000 Tones of Mid. Vol Metallurgical Coal

Steam Coal mines in Indonesia

*  Total reserves: 160,000,000 Tones of 5800-6500 Kcal Steam Coal

Iron Ore mines in USA and South America

*   Iron Ore mine in Mexico

*   Iron Ore mine in Chile

*   Iron Ore mine in USA